309 handle information

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309 handle information

There are several industry accepted specifications defining Media Server control protocols designed to support interactions between application servers and media servers.

Those protocols provide access to Media Server functions. In most cases protocol functions can be abstracted at the business application level to provide common functionality for application developers. This JSR will define an interface that is intended to be the standard API to write multimedia applications and services for both IP and converging networks.

309 handle information

This specification work does not intend to specify any aspect of the media server control protocols. Furthermore, developers will be able to implement interoperable applications and services that can run over a variety of protocols with various Media Servers.

The central focus of this JSR is to provide an abstracted API for external Media Servers that may be controlled via different protocols from the application server.

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The proposed API is not protocol specific. Media servers are usually controlled by an Application Server that will have the implementation of the proposed API.

API will allow extensions for protocol optional functions or Media Server optional capabilities. The API will be designed to handle the fact that different media servers may differ in capabilities.

This will require defining packages, profiles or API capability for the application to query the level of support of a media server. This list of requirements is not complete and this will be explored further in the expert group?

It is intended that the priority of each of these enhancements be defined by the expert group with the goal of defining the API in an incremental manner satisfying a bulk set of requirements in each release.

This is done to ensure timely delivery of the API as well as in order to gain experience with some of the more advanced features prior to standardization.

309 handle information

It is intended that these requirements be handled and evolve in a consistent manner with media server capabilities, protocol and application related standardization efforts from such standard bodies as IETF, 3GPP or W3C. Please provide details here for which platform editions are being targeted by this JSR, and how this JSR has considered the relationship with the other platform editions.

The main objective of the proposed specification is to provide the community of developers with an API that allows them to develop a multitude of compliant multimedia applications and services on top of Application Servers for the Java platform that use external Media Server resources.

The Media Server Control API will allow the developers to rapidly write and deploy media applications and services without an in depth knowledge of media control protocols.

There is a need today for an explicit media control API for Application Servers that will take advantage of the newer Media Server capabilities available in the industry today and provide a better abstraction for commonly used application functions.

Existing specifications do not address the necessary interfaces for building applications with Media Server support. Existing specifications rely on telephony call model where the application and signaling are vertically integrated.

No, there are no new security issues. No, there are no new localization issues. Note that this information has been updated from the original JSR.

Continuous email communications, with regular telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings as required. The Executive Committees would like to ensure Spec Leads understand the value of this transparency and ask that each JSR have an operating plan in place for how their JSR will address the involvement of the community and the public.

Please provide your plan here, and refer to the Spec Lead Guide for a more detailed description and a set of example questions you may wish to answer in your plan. The specification leads will publish periodic milestone drafts and status to this list.

The Expert Group may also use the list to request feedback on key issues facing the group. This will include the current schedule for the JSR and notes on any major events that have occurred in the previous quarter. Include version information for the profile or platform in your answer. NOTE that this section has been updated from this original proposal.

Hewlett-Packard intends to make a binary version of the Reference Implementation, together with the emulated media server, and TCK test cases available on fair and reasonable terms, likely at no cost, but with no right to redistribute them.

Terms may be refined during JSR process and will stay fair and reasonable. Please include links to the documents if they are publicly available. Other relevant work e.

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