A review of austens pride and prejudice

Plot and Major Characters Pride and Prejudice focuses on Elizabeth Bennet, an intelligent young woman with romantic and individualistic ideals, and her relationship with Mr.

A review of austens pride and prejudice

Pinterest Lizzie is much like her father in the fact that they both like to laugh at ridiculous things. However, she is sensible, but has the misfortune to make hasty judgements.

Then there is 17 year old Kitty, who is silly and empty headed, and 15 year old Lydia, the youngest, silliest and the most man-mad of them all.

A review of austens pride and prejudice

Therefore when Charles Bingley and young gentlemen with large fortunes come into the neighbourhood, she gets very excited. They first meet him at a ball, and he and Jane soon fall in love. He is the male version of Jane, but this romance is looked down on by his sisters who think he could do better.

His even richer friend, 28 year old Fitzwilliam Darcy, is one of the richest men in Derbyshire, but finds himself against his own principles attracted to Lizzie. However, he is repulsed by her awful family and lack of connections, and the neighbourhood and particularly Lizzie find him snobby and arrogant.


Meanwhile, Mr Collins, heir to their house Longbourne, is a 25 year old pompous cousin of theirs and a clergymen Jane Austen seems to be fond of poking fun at clergymen.

Mrs Bennett sets her eyes on a marriage between him and Lizzie, who will have none of it. A regiment of soldiers soon come into Merton, and Kitty and Lydia go wild.

Lizzie finds herself attracted to a handsome young officer George Wickham, but why do he and Mr Darcy dislike each other so much? Will Lizzie ever like Mr Darcy, and is he is as terrible as seems?

How do I get involved in the Guardian children's books site? Equally, I love the wonderful and spirited Lizzie Bennett, with her wit and humour.

I also like the way Jane Austen makes fun of people.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Join the site and send us your review!Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - review ‘I love the wonderful and spirited Lizzie Bennett, with her wit and humour’.

Book Review: "The Real Jane Austen," by Paula Byrne As the classic novel celebrates its bicentennial, Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice' At Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice' At Pride and Prejudice Book Review Words 5 Pages The novel, Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen criticizes the societal nature of England in the 18th century, through the characters and the story.

Here is a review of Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen is a novelist with an extremely narrow focus that extends, surprisingly, into a wide range of concerns. 'Pride and Prejudice' Review. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen had put my left out dictionary into good use.

I have to admit, I was very slow in the first pages, however, nearing the end, I was like a driver going at mph, eager to reach the finish lin "I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation/5.

The pleasures of Burr Steers’ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies—adapted from Seth Grahame-Smith’s zombiefied retooling of Jane Austen’s masterwork—are surprisingly sturdy, considering the.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen