An analysis of californian dream in the day of the locust by nathanael west

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An analysis of californian dream in the day of the locust by nathanael west

The novel revolves around the character of Tod Hackett, a screenwriter living in Los Angeles California who is working on a painting depicting a riot in the city and is desperate to study the locals in order to include them. Tod falls in lust with a movie extra neighbor named Faye who rebuffs him.

Faye has a cadre of admirers all of whom flock around her throughout the novel as she enjoys their attention. The novel was adapted into a movie in by Paramount Pictures and play in Book Summary At the beginning of the story, the main character, Tod Hackett finishes a day of working as a set designer for National Films in Hollywood.

Tod leaves work and takes a streetcar home. He has been in Hollywood for three months after being recruited fresh out of Yale to work for the company. As Tod travels home, he people watches and divides the people of Los Angeles into two categories: People who seem to be either coming from or going to somewhere and people who are going nowhere.

An analysis of californian dream in the day of the locust by nathanael west

Tod thinks that the people going nowhere merely came to California to die. Tod studies these people most of all, as he wishes to include their type in the painting that he is working on. When he reaches the building, he pauses on the second floor for a few moments in the hopes that he will bump into his neighbor, Faye Greener.

When he gets home he sees the business card of his friend Abe Kusich stuck in the crack of his door. A woman was shouting at Abe and opening the door to toss his clothes outside. Tod let Abe come into his house to dress, and Abe, who was initially hostile changed his attitude abruptly when he began talking about his job at the racing track.

Tod takes a nap and wakes to get ready to go to a party. Faye is an extra in the movie industry, and Tod has feelings for her. When Tod arrives, Claude is standing on his porch pretending to be southern gentlemen and dressed in his usual elaborate style.

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Claude tells Tod that they are going to a brothel after the party. At the party, Tod interacts with a saucy older woman named Mrs. Schwartzen who wishes to hear all about the brothel and a group of men who are discussing the film industry.

Before he can leave, Claude pulls him aside and begs him to have a scotch in the library. Tod agrees, and they discuss the brothel, which Tod says that he will not be going as brothels depress him. Tod agrees to go, and on the way, Claude tells him that the madame, Mrs.

Jenning only takes wealthy gentlemen as customers. Jenning insists on talking about culture and arts with her customers, and when the men arrive, she sits them all down to watch a foreign film.

This leads Tod to wonder if Faye works for Mrs.Day of the Locust Essay Chris Phillips Professor Kirkpatrick English 1C March 31, Hollywood Illusions In The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West, illusion verse reality is one of the main themes of the novel.

Following this analysis is a case study of the production, textual construction and reception of The Day of the Locust (), directed by John Schlesinger and one of Paramount’s prestige historical releases in the mids.

Adapted from Nathanael West’s sardonic novel, Schlesinger’s film is significant for its uncompromising view. In the first place, a series of famous writings of a rather peculiar nature an analysis of the american dream of african american soldiers after world war two was ascribed to the Areopagite and, an analysis of cinematography in apocalypse now by francis ford coppola secondly, he was popularly identified with the holy martyr of Gaul, Dionysius, .

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The Dream Life of Balso Snell • Miss Lonelyhearts • The Day of the Locust “Nathanael West’s stunning four novels are American tales, rooted in our transmogrifying soil.

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That was the apocalyptic vision of Nathanael West's novel "The Day of the Locust," and it's a vision elaborated on, sometimes too literally, in John Schlesinger's expensive, daring, epic film.

Hollywood is taken as a metaphor for an America that was moving from depression to war, and its fantasies outrun themselves until all that's left is.

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