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Ancient chinese writing alphabet for preschoolers

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Ancient chinese writing alphabet for preschoolers

The earliest evidence of Ancient Chinese writing was found in the early 20th century CE when cattle bones and turtles shells were uncovered in China. Priests or holy men used the bones and shells to tell future events. The bones and ancient chinese writing alphabet for preschoolers were inscribed with metal tools or with ink-filled brush strokes that described a positive and a negative outcome.

The bones or shells were heated in a fire until cracks appeared in the bone or shell. Depending on where the cracks appeared, the future was told. For example, if a king wanted to go to war against a neighboring tribe, characters were inscribed on the bones to predict whether he win or lose the war.

If the cracks showed he would win, the war was on. If the cracks showed he would lose the war, the king and his army stayed at home. Hundreds of thousands of oracle bones have been uncovered in China. They are inscribed with future topics such as, the weather, would a baby be a boy or a girl, battles, and health issues.

Although no other writing examples exist from this early time, the way in which the priests or holy men inscribed the characters on the bones shows that they understood grammar rules, which are still in use today.

Ancient Chinese Writing History: Characters and Symbols Ancient Chinese writing, just like modern Chinese writing, had two parts to each character, a radical symbol and a phonetic symbol.

The radical symbol showed the broad topic the character represented, such as the names for wet things included the character for water. The phonetic symbol described the sound of the character.

Some characters were written by combining ideas into one symbol that described the idea or item. Punctuation was not used in ancient Chinese writing. The ancient Chinese wrote characters on pages starting at the upper right corner and moving down in a vertical line.

Books were opened from what a Western person would know as the back of the book or last page first. History of Ancient Chinese Writing Styles Chinese writing has changed from ancient times until modern times with seven different styles of writing: The last two styles, Regular and Running, are still in use in modern China.

The early written characters resembled the actual object they were representing, such as a horizontal line with three vertical lines coming down and then three more vertical lines inscribed below was the written character for rain. When you think of rain, it often looks just like the character.

The drops of water are not one continuous line, but have gaps between them. The characters remained representations of objects and although the thickness of the lines blurs the picture representation, when looking at the Great Seal character style, it is still clear that a character was the object it represented.

Most representations from this era in Ancient Chinese writing history are found on bronze vessels. Small Seal The first Chinese emperor, Qin Shihuangdithe founder of the Qin dynasty in BCE, recognized a need for standardization in how characters were formed and their meaning.

ancient chinese writing alphabet for preschoolers

He required that the characters be uniform across the Chinese empire. While the characters used in the state of Qin closely resembled those of the Great Seal style, each stroke of the Small Seal Lesser or Xiaozhuan style was the same.

Additionally, where the Great Seal style had rounder characters, the characters of the Small Seal style were very long. When looking at the Small Seal style characters, it appears that the writers were beginning to use the character to represent the word for the object rather than making the character look like the object.

Once the Ancient Chinese began writing the characters to represent the objects, the characters began to mean the words for the objects. This meant that when it was raining, one could picture the horizontal and vertical lines that represented rain or vice versa, one could use the character for rain when recording information about the weather.Match Modern Chinese Characters with Ancient Chinese Symbols Mandarin Pinyin, Language Lessons, Language Activities, Learn Chinese, Basic Chinese, Chinese Alphabet, Chinese Lessons Find this Pin and more on Chinese by Marina.

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Old Chinese, also called Archaic Chinese in older works, Scholars have used the phonetic information in the script and the rhyming practice of ancient poetry to reconstruct Old Chinese phonology, This may have involved writing on perishable materials.

Learning Chinese Writing Symbols for Kids