Observation wkst peter observation 1

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Observation wkst peter observation 1

Articles for Understanding Scientific Method wkst Experiment 1: Warm up Tim and Suzie wanted to see if music could really affect the growth rate of plants. The students set up three growing houses to keep the plants separated. After 2 months, they went to the pant boxes. The finding may hold implications for human rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries.

After setting the paralyzed rats on a moving treadmill belt, the scientists administered drugs that act on the neurotransmitter serotonin and applied low levels of electrical currents to the spinal cord below the point of injury. Daily treadmill training over several weeks eventually enabled the rats to regain full weight-bearing walking, including backwards, sideways and at running speed.

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Neuro-prosthetic devices may bridge human spinal cord injuries to some extent, however, so activating the spinal cord rhythmic circuitry as the UCLA team did may help in rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries.

Monkeys get full color vision Males with red-green colorblindness can distinguish the hues after gene therapy, study suggests Web edition: A colorblind male squirrel monkey named Dalton is pictured here taking a color vision test. Gene therapy gave Dalton a photoreceptor that detects red light and he can now pick out red dots from a gray background and distinguish red and green from other colors.

The experiments suggest that color can be added to vision without rewiring the brain to process the new information. Neitz Laboratory, University of Washington Two male squirrel monkeys now see the world in a whole new way — in full color.

Female squirrel monkeys can see in color, but male squirrel monkeys are normally red-green colorblind because they lack pigments in the retina that detect those wavelengths of light.

The War of cut off the supply of British goods, stimulating American industry. By , Pittsburgh was producing significant quantities of iron, brass, tin, and glass. On March 18, , the year-old local government became a city. Information Security News. Contribute to trietptm/Security-News development by creating an account on GitHub. Observation Wkst Peter observation 1 Essay Child’s Name Peter Age 4 Observation (Developmental Area) Physical /Motor (fine/gross) Date March 2, Time of day am Child was independently sitting alone at a table playing with play dough.

Now, researchers have performed gene therapy that allowed two male squirrel monkeys named Sam and Dalton to produce proteins that detect red light. Because there was no reason to assume color vision was different from other types of vision, the team had assumed it would not be possible to reverse the deficit in an adult animal.

Neitz polled experts in the vision field on whether they thought producing photoreceptors in colorblind adult monkeys could give color vision. Male monkeys lacking the red photoreceptor protein were given injections of a virus carrying a gene for the protein.

Levels of the protein slowly rose in some retinal cells. After 20 weeks, Neitz and his colleagues started to see differences in the way Sam and Dalton performed on daily color vision tests.

Around that time, protein production levels peaked and the monkeys have maintained stable color vision for two years since treatment.

Enlarge Feasting time Digital simulations show what a squirrel monkey named Dalton may have seen before left- all fruit appears green and may now see after right- the fruit is the same colors humans see gene therapy to correct his color blindness.

Researchers say the fact that Dalton can now see in color could mean that full color vision could have evolved in just one genetic step. Neitz Laboratory, University of Washington In the tests, monkeys were shown a panel with a patch of colored dots on a background of gray dots.

If the monkeys press the area with the colored dots, the animals get a grape juice reward. Even colorblind monkeys guess correctly about a third of the time, Neitz says.

Before the gene therapy, they could only discriminate yellow and blue. The speed at which the monkeys learned the new colors indicates that no brain rewiring was required for the feat, unlike that needed to restore other types of vision such as distinguishing objects.

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The achievement is causing a stir among vision scientists and may have implications for understanding the evolution of color vision, says Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Adding color could prove to be similar. For example, the monkeys may now perceive red and green as different shades of yellow and blue, colors the animals already knew.

A study of the great tit Parus major population in Wytham Woods, near Oxford, has shown that the birds are now laying their eggs, on average, two weeks earlier than half a century ago. The change in their behaviour enables them to make the most of seasonal food: Oxford scientists have been studying the Wytham Woods great tits for more than 60 years.

Little is known about the basis of this sort of behavioural adaptability and why it can vary within species. More work is also needed to discover whether the close matching of the changing environment found by the birds in our study is, indeed, unusual.Information Security News.

Contribute to trietptm/Security-News development by creating an account on GitHub.

Observation wkst peter observation 1

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This lesson was created for my most recent observation in 6th grade, but can be easily adapted for the Common Core Standard on Dictionary in each grade level (grades 5 to 10). The lesson plans includes the PowerPoint, lesson plan, worksheets, and timberdesignmag.com lesson plan includes an Essential Question, Teaching Strategies (that include class.

1 & 2 Peter - Courage in Times of Trouble, John F Macarthur Exploring Sexual Bt/Gr 2/2yr/4 Wkst/MAC/PC Science and Revolution (), - Drawn from Personal Observation and Authentic Information. The War of cut off the supply of British goods, stimulating American industry. By , Pittsburgh was producing significant quantities of iron, brass, tin, and glass.

On March 18, , the year-old local government became a city. This observation gave rise to rather focused hypothesis that the rapid movement of the eyeballs makes watching a dream possible.

trance or deep sleep are of significant importance.”. Dreams appear to be the mode of transmitting subtle messages of mind through a rhetorically ‘coded’ language.

Observation wkst peter observation 1
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