One year in a life of crime essay

The United States is one of the only countries in the world that allows children under 18 to be sentenced to life without parole.

One year in a life of crime essay

Courtesy of The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. Sincethere have been 1, incidents where four or more people were shot. It is easy to despair that gun violence is a terminal condition in the United States. Yet this country has homegrown examples of effective gun regulation. You may opt out or contact us anytime.

Property crime is relatively high in Honolulu, and the city has about the same number of car thefts per capita as Los Angeles. All police departments are required to run background checks on anyone trying to purchase a gun. The law does not limit the number of guns that may be purchased at one time, but it does require all purchasers of firearms to register for a license.

Buyers with a history of mental illness, drug or domestic violence convictions, certain sexual offenders, and anyone with a restraining order are disqualified.

One recent study estimates that about one-quarter of households own guns, compared to a national average of 57 percent and a high of nearly 77 percent in Mississippi. The scholarly research on firearm policy is complex, but most studies support one conclusion: It is no coincidence that Alaska, which has the highest rate of gun fatalities in the United States, also has one of the highest rates of gun ownership.

And America has lots of guns—nearly one for every man, woman, and child.

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Mass shootings receive the most media attention, but every year thousands of people fall victim to gun-related violence. According to the Human Development Index, the United States has nearly 30 gun homicides per million people, compared to 5. More guns are associated with higher suicide rates and violence against police, too.

Simply having a gun in the house increases the risk that a family member will take his or her own life. One major article in Epidemiologic Reviews reviewed studies from 10 different countries and determined that restrictive laws were associated with fewer gun-related homicides and suicides.

But looking to other nations for our inspiration is not always a useful exercise. America has a long tradition of gun ownership, and the Second Amendment makes it impossible to enact regulations like those in Japan or the United Kingdom.

One year in a life of crime essay

In many cities and states, it is easy to subvert the law by driving across state lines. This can make it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of gun laws.

All guns must be transported on a plane or arrive in a regulated cargo shipment. These laws work even in a place that struggles with other, less serious forms of crime.

Joe Mathews Secondary Editor:40 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started Others, however, feel as though allowing guns on campuses will only increase crime and the death toll.

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