Rmit business plan competition winners

This was the first time George Brown had entered the challenge and the first time a Canadian team was crowned a winner. It feels good knowing our hard work paid off in the end.

Rmit business plan competition winners

The Knog Bike Bell Designed by: This product exemplifies excellence in Industrial Design and brings together clever manufacturing, smart use of materials and a unique design language that sets it apart from other products in its class.

In many countries bikes are required by law to be sold with bells attached. To reduce costs, these bells are often cheap, ineffective and undesirable, causing many users to remove them reducing the safety of the riders. The Oi Bell offers bike owners a beautifully designed and highly desirable object that is a delight to use.

The Oi Bell has already gained incredible market success with more than 37, bells sold in over 93 countries since being launched in March Best in Category Winners Designed by: The severe limitations of a tiny, triangular site and the demanding heritage context have resulted in a pointy 'wedge house' that is designed to exploit its 'problem site'.

This project demonstrates the possibility of achieving quality family housing in a compact but highly liveable form within extremely constrained sites.

Acute House highlights the role of good design in tackling a site conventionally dismissed as 'too small' or 'too weird' to be viable. With a limited advertising budget they decided to redesign their packaging as an alternative strategy.

After testing and comparing the absorbency of the towels to other products on the market, the design team found that they could soak up almost twice as much water compared to market alternatives - an incredible 2 litres of water.

To reinforce this unique selling point, the towels were packaged in 2 litre plastic bottles and displayed in refrigerators in-store. The new packaging provided a simple and effective way to reframe what shoppers should value most when purchasing a towel: This approach embeds a collaborative environment that seeks to break down the typical silos of design to infuse a holistic design strategy.

Ngarara Place united the specific skills, capacities and cultural connectedness of three key Aboriginal practitioners an architect, landscape designer and artist to deliver a project that infuses Indigenous sensibilities. Ngarara Place was carefully conceived through an immersive process of dialogue with the client, consultation with the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council and close connection with the core design team.

The success lies in how the space has been embraced and used and the opportunity to continue a dialogue around celebrating Aboriginal art and culture. The 11 metre LED wall responds to changes in the environment, including weather, time of day, seasons and customers' Twitter feeds.

Through live data, the wall changes according to the sun's position. Weather data means that when it rains outside, virtual rain drops appear and four key seasons change the foliage appearance throughout the year. The wall is rendered dynamically in a 3D game engine, allowing customers to request a variety of creatures and objects to appear on the wall and adjust their colour and intensity - a celebration of ANZ's brand philosophy of "Your World.

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To address low product tracks and customer sign-ups, Yump redesigned the TYI user journey from Thankyou's homepage to each customer's profile, revitalised Thankyou's storytelling around each impacted community and developed a more usable mobile experience.

Delivering a collection of garments each addressing minimal waste in production, reductive pattern making in the concept stage and universal sizing in the finished product, all cut from certified organic cotton and hard wearing hemp fabric. Universal sizing looks at catering for diverse bodies, which makes it easier for a garment to be worn over a long period of time as the wearer changes size.

The collection uses organic and natural fibres reducing toxic polluting substances typically used in the growing, dyeing and wearing phase of a garment's lifecycle.

What does Easy Keg plan to do? How did they manage to win?

Impossibly small and incredibly light, it captures stunningly immersive Ultra HD footage from previously unattainable viewpoints. Designed specifically for remote use on drones, documentaries and live sports, it offers new creative opportunities to filmmakers and live broadcasters.

Reduced to the smallest possible volume, the Micro Camera's unique form is driven by the environmental, functional and ergonomic challenges of remote filmmaking. Front facing keys allow unimpeded control in small spaces and an interchangeable lens mount offers flexibility and image quality not found in existing fixed lens 'action cams'.


This product exemplifies excellence in Industrial Design and brings together clever manufacturing, smart use of materials and a unique design language that sets it apart from other products in it's class.

Beyond ensuring the complete sale of the development and financial sustainability, the aim was to also entice and build new markets amongst consumers who would not have previously considered purchasing off-the-plan.

This was achieved by changing the way people think about small footprint living through involving purchasers in consultation, collaboration and curated events. The dialogue was two-streamed and mutually beneficial, with local communities becoming advocates for the project.

Encapsulating ingenuity, simplicity and functionality, the VicHyper Pod design will place Victoria and Australia on the world stage as pioneers in innovation and transportation. Not what you're looking for?Key areas of interest: 1) Innovation and market development 2) The art and business of creative industries 3) Indigenous and family business capabilities and success 4) The boundaries of commerce.

rmit business plan competition winners

Manager of the RMIT University Business Plan Competition, Heather Mallinson, said the competition is the largest of its kind in Australia, with past winners now running successful businesses, including Design Assist Partners, Merchant Broking Services and Invarion.

At FNB Business, we're passionate about entrepreneurs who conquer the obstacles that come with being a business owner.

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Media Release - National Student Business Plan - 12 teams through to quarter-final round Date: 18 June Entrants in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s annual National Student Business Plan competition have this week been advised that 12 teams will progress through to the quarter final round.

RMIT Vietnam’s Business Plan Competition winners achieved a historic one-two-finish in , and they plan to take their concepts to the next level. The winner and runner-up of the $, RMIT international business plan competition both address the needs of Vietnam's growing ranks of busy professional working mothers.

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