Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting bad example for teenagers

By Lauren Rosewarne Updated March 17, The fashion industry has bestowed on us all manner of treats.

Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting bad example for teenagers

This bombardment forces women to compare themselves to these unrealistically skinny and beautifully photo shopped models working in the fashion industry and promoting products. All these edited and unhealthy ideals are rapidly increasing and inducing eating disorders in young women!

Skinny models in fashion magazines and on catwalks are setting bad example for teenagers

Why are these people modelling to us when they are clearly so unhealthy and underweight! Why are unhealthy and morally affected people role models for our size and beauty?!

What else is expected to happen other than people following their path and becoming like them? Advertising promoted by unrealistic models are inducing eating disorders because of the dramatic difference between model size and the average woman size.

The average woman is Why advertise the weight loss tricks when anorexia is more likely to kill than a bit of excess fat and few kilos overweight?

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How often do you see a size 0, 2 or 4 fully grown adult in day to day life? Those sizes are so unrealistic, even for models. Designers have been choosing these mini tiny models then forcing them to loose weight when there is basically no weight to loose because they have the impression that skinny models sell their clothes easier and quicker.

The model agencies are much to blame.

'How can images of stick-thin idols NOT be a bad example to girls?' | Daily Mail Online

The pressure of trying to look skinny and getting out of control. It is drastic that we make an appeal to all the fashion designers to use healthier models! This could be the death of many girls and women!Mar 08,  · Skinny models are setting a bad example for teenagers THICK Girls Vs SKINNY Girls | LADIES YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!

Katy Perry is booed by the catwalk . Imogen Edwards-Jones is the author of “Fashion Babylon” (Atria, February ), an expose on the world of fashion: “A ban on ultra-thin models is unenforceable.

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Designers will only stop using super-thin models when the public stops buying the clothes. Fashion is a business, and if fat women sold fashion, then designers would use fat women. Skinny is bad.

Fat is bad. Perfect is unattainable. Here, buy a handbag. We have debates about too-skinny models under the guise of advocating healthy body image while simultaneously reminding girls that they are permanently being judged for their appearance no matter what the hell they look like.

The report, which says young women look at thin models and see themselves as fat in comparison, calls on broadcasters and magazine publishers to use a more realistic range of body images.

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Models are setting a bad example for teenagers. Skinny models you see in advertising obtained their weight in unhealthy type of body they have and are showing off is virtually impossible to get unless you go about it in the wrong way like starving yourself or binging and purging.

Being really skinny is really unhealthy. Modeling should have pretty AND HEALTHY people in it. If anorexic people are models it is going to make larger people want to be anorexic or get thigh gaps or be binge eaters. People should have to be healthy to model or they will set a bad example for teens and littler kids.

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