Sony in reinvention

God of War has finally punched and kicked its way onto the PlayStation 4, giving players the opportunity to once again step into the well-worn shoes of Kratos. Though technically the fourth mainline entry, in many ways the game feels more like a reinvention of the series, giving us a much more nuanced portrayal of Kratos and ditching the Greek pantheon in favour of Norse mythology.

Sony in reinvention

Sony's image sensors are pictured at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, November 27, Picture taken November 27, The breakthrough, creating a sensor that captures more light to produce sharper images, coincided with soaring consumer demand for better smartphone cameras for sharing photos on social media.

The breakthrough, which involved reconfiguring the sensor layout and known as backside illumination, allowed Sony to grab nearly half of the market for image sensors.

Sony in reinvention

Japanese names such as Hitachi Ltd TNEC Corp T and Fujitsu Ltd Twhich dominated mainstream chips through the late s, have lost business to Asian rivals such as Samsung Electronics He declined to say whether his fund owns Sony shares. The sensors, for example, were first sold to All Nippon Airways Twhich used them to broadcast views from the cockpit to passengers.

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Investors say Sony still has a technological advantage that will take time for others to replicate. It is developing sensor technologies that can quickly measure distances or detect invisible light that are expected to be used in autonomous driving, factory automation and robotics, they said.Until that reinvention is embraced, Sony will be the laggards in the industry.

eurovidiot • on Dec 19, am You’re a wee bit behind the times Ripsnorter. Sony’s reinvention of itself continues to the front, where it finally joins the quickly growing army of (or in Samsung’s case) screens.

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Edelkrone is the king of reinvention, from the Pocket Slider to their tabletop dolly. Sometimes, they’re also very good at charging top dollar for useless rubbish. The Reinvention of Gaming Consoles. The Market for Gaming Consoles.

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The New Gaming Console Market: Home Entertainment. Sony PlayStation. Industry Players – Alternative Gaming. PlayJam’s GameStick. Nvidia Shield. OnLive. Ouya. Steam Machines.

Sony in reinvention

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Author: Anthony Elliott. ISBN: Publisher: Taylor and Francis. Ours is the era of ‘reinvention’. From psychotherapy to life coaching, from self-help manuals to cosmetic surgery, and from corporate rebranding to urban redesign: the art of reinvention is.

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