Tanglewood specific ksaos

You will be concentrating on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies for Tanglewood. To begin this case study assignment, refer to Exhibit 1. You will see that the Exhibit indicates a series of strategic staffing decisions:

Tanglewood specific ksaos

The target customers are the middle and upper income individuals in the society. The company strives to give its customers quality, value and durability for all aspects of their lives. This report tackles the strategic staffing decisions of Tanglewood in two broad sections which are staffing levels and quality.

The purpose of the report is to help the company establish the appropriate strategic staffing decisions that help the organization Identification of business strategy or goals Tanglewood's strategy as per Porter's generic strategies is based on differentiation.

This can be seen where the organization strives to provide its customers with a unique combination of outdoor clothing and equipment which is distinguished from the collection. The company also strives to give their customers an unrivalled experience in their stores as well as with their in-house products.

By applying the differentiation strategy, Tanglewood is able to achieve rapid growth and expansion. The company has also managed to become competitive in the retail stores industry as a result of their differentiation strategy. The company has managed a 9.

Tanglewood's niche is the middle and upper income consumers who are in search of convenience and reasonable pricing.

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The company uses a similar layout of its merchandise as its competitors though they strive to maintain a high quality stock as well as providing exceptional customer service. Tanglewood has developed proprietary brands of merchandise which have been designed to complement the company's looks.

These brands have helped the company to match its differentiation strategy by ensuring the products are of the highest quality possible. Strategic staffing decisions Staffing levels Acquiring or developing talent. Acquiring talent involves recruiting of new staff then training them.

There is a cost of failure where the organization may select staff that may not be capable of meeting the requirement. On the other hand, developing talent also has its costs. Developing talent from the inside is usually more expensive than acquiring it. However, if conducted in a well-defined process, the benefits of developing talent from the inside beat those of acquiring it.

This is because the employee is able to adjust to the company's environment gradually and it boosts employee morale Paauwe, It will also help the organization to maintain a productive workforce. Developing talent will thus be most beneficial to Tanglewood. Hire yourself or outsource. In order to be able to outsource, Tanglewood would need to explain to the hiring firm their human resource needs in order for the company to find the perfect person for this position.

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It would also need the hiring firm to conduct an internal assessment of Tanglewood's strengths and weaknesses in order to find the right person for the position. This is a time-consuming option.

With Tanglewood strategy of differentiation, the company would benefit more from hiring on their own as a result of being able to find the person that best complements the organization's strategy and will appeal to the needs of the organization. Though this may seem to be more cumbersome and labor intensive for the human resource department, the benefits largely outweigh the workload.

External or Internal Hiring. Looking at the Tanglewood culture and its values, we find that the employees are more like a family. External hiring would affect the company's culture and values, which is why internal hiring is advocated for. With the company having thousands of employees per region, hiring for managerial positions should be done internally and for entry level positions or where there is a lack of skill internally, the organization should hire externally.

This will help the organization to have a workforce that is committed and qualified to carry the philosophy of Tanglewood into the future. Core or Flexible Workforce. As is expressed in the case study, Tanglewood needs to consolidate to make sure the company is as close to is mission as possible in order to reap from the strong culture of the organization which needs to be upheld.

This is the major reason why the company should focus on a core workforce rather than a flexible workforce.Official Tanglewood Guide: The Eight Hiring Applicant Steps Selection Tools detailed selection plan 1.

David Andrews – 70+45+65+75+70 = 2. Shauna Greer – 60+65+70+50+90 = 3. Maxine Renoir – 80+60+40+90+80 = 4. Bruce Binghome – 60+55+80+65+55 = 5. John Yorn – 40+80+45+60+60 = 6. Mindy Thomas – 75+40+30+80+75 = 7. As a small business owner, you cannot assume that everyone in your workforce has the knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes, or KSAOs, that you need to run a profitable business.

Originality/Value: This study is the first to examine the convergence of context-specific communication KSAOs within a correlated-trait-correlated-method minus one framework using self- and peer reports. KW - Communication competence. KW - Computer-mediated communication.

Tanglewood specific ksaos

Contents of Staffing Strategy: Decisions. Staffing Strategy: Decisions. Staffing Levels (Quantity) Specific or general KSAOs; to look and make decisions on all 13 of these kind of staffing strategy decisions based on what you see occurring at Tanglewood Department stores and external market around it okay so again reference the book.

Specific or General KSAOs General KSAOs. Train or teach what is expected. Develop these skills Having a general overview of the KSAOs Tanglewood is looking for will permit additional training to develop these attributes.

If the KSAOs are specific then the placement will also be specific%(8). In the Tanglewood Stores Casebook (ATTACHED)Tanglewood_Casebooklnk, read and respond to Case Six, Interview.

Answer these questionsDevelop a detailed selection plan for the position of a department manager to determine the most important KSAOs for this positionUsing the selection plan, develop a standardized interview protocol consisting of 10 questions that will be asked of all.

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