The iceberg is melting essay

Of all the endless variety of phenomena which nature presents to our senses, there is none that fills our minds with greater wonder than that inconceivably complex movement which, in its entirety, we designate as human life; Its mysterious origin is veiled in the forever impenetrable mist of the past, its character is rendered incomprehensible by its infinite intricacy, and its destination is hidden in the unfathomable depths of the future. Whence does it come? Whither does it tend?

The iceberg is melting essay

This physical distance between both characters is important because it sets the scene for later in the story when it becomes obvious that both characters no longer wish to be with each other. The opening line of the story is also interesting. Snow is white and usually in literature white would symbolize or represent some sort of purity or cleanliness.

The iceberg is melting essay

It is possible that Carver may be suggesting to the reader, through symbolism, that what was once a healthy, loving relationship between the couple has been tainted in some way.

Lighting also plays a significant part in the setting of the story. Very early on the reader is aware that it is getting dark not only outside but inside as well. In some ways the lack of light or the darkness acts as foreshadowing within the story, something that becomes clearer to the reader as we see both parents struggling with the baby.

Carver also uses short sentences throughout the story which gives an emphasis to the finality of the relationship between both characters. Whatever has caused the end of the relationship between both characters, it becomes clear to the reader that there is no going back or there will be no resolution between the two of them.

The use of short sentences also helps or assists in raising the tension in the story. It is used at the beginning of the story when the narrator is describing the streaks running down the shoulder high window. Carver also uses symbolism when both parents are fighting over the baby. The flowerpot in the kitchen falls to the ground and breaks.

Though it is only mentioned in one sentence, it acts as foreshadowing for what will happen later in the story as both parents are pulling on the baby. The title of the story may also be important.

Which he may have succeeded in doing as it becomes clear to the reader after reading the story that neither parent appears to know how to run or keep a family together. It is also possible that Carver is using the lack of light in the story again to suggest, at least symbolically, that both parents are in the dark as to the affects that their fighting has on the baby till it becomes too late.

There is also a sense of irony at the end of the story. Both parents want the baby and this is made clear by their fighting over him. However the last sentence suggests that neither parent may actually have succeeded in getting the child.

Cite Post McManus, Dermot. The Sitting Bee, 3 Jan.Lesson Plan Witnessing Icebergs. Favorite This Lesson Plan. Download in As little as one-eighth of an iceberg is visible above the water and scientists estimate that the lifespan of an iceberg—from the first snowfall on a glacier to the final melting—can be as long as 3, years.* Introduce the photo essay to the class by telling.

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Jan 08,  · The continent of Antarctica has been losing more than cubic kilometers (24 cubic miles) of ice per year since Larger Image. There has been lots of talk lately about Antarctica and whether or not the continent's giant ice sheet is melting.

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