Usf thesis committee form

Before a student begins work under Directed Research, a written agreement must be completed between the student and the professor concerned, setting forth in detail the requirements of the course. Students may only be eligible for an "I" when: The student must request consideration for an incomplete grade and obtain an "I" Grade Contract from the instructor of record. Even though the student may meet the eligibility requirements for this grade, the course instructor retains the right to make the final decision on granting a student's request for an Incomplete.

Usf thesis committee form

LSM - Outdoor Recreation Workshop 3credit hours Off-campus course that provides materials and experiences not available in the classroom. Public, private non-profits, and commercial agencies experienced through a series of field trips, lectures, group exercises, and other experiential-based activities.

LSM - Seminar: Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Issues 3credit hours Awareness of the importance of environmental considerations when planning, managing, or administering outdoor recreation programs. LSM - Readings in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism 3credit hours In-depth reading and preparation of an annotated bibliography and report.

Arrangements for this course should be made with the instructor prior to registration. LSM - Evaluation of Leisure, Sport, and Tourism 3credit hours Research and evaluation procedures and techniques applicable to assessing recreation and leisure service programs, participants, administrative structures, and resources.

Emphasis on beginning and completing a "real-world" evaluation project. Examines the various uses of the aquatic environment to develop, maintain, and improve physical performance with practical development of skills and techniques and aquatic exercise programming.

Combines both didactic and laboratory activities in an experiential learning environment. LSM - Outdoor Environmental Education 3credit hours Camping leadership and outdoor education principles with implications for management, planning of, and interpretation in recreation areas as well as for policy development.

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Emphasis on meaningful, outstanding studies and research in the field of leisure and sport. Range of different theoretical perspectives and behavioral concepts underlying pertinent research.

Usf thesis committee form

Individual study of current problems or areas of interest. PHED - Administration and Supervision of Physical Education and Sport 3credit hours The organization, planning, and functions involved in administering and supervising programs of physical education and sport.

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Clinical or field experience required of students with a sport management concentration. Introductory course in computer literacy or equivalent with instructor permission. Focus on understanding of and competency in use of a variety of technology applications related to the profession.

Students required to enroll in the corresponding lab during the same semester. Investigation and application of profession-specific software and hardware applications.

Those with extensive work experience will develop, implement, and conclude a project research or applied in consultation with the major professor. Students are strongly encouraged to take the non-LSM courses outside the department.

Usf thesis committee form

Candidate must file a degree plan in the College of Graduate Studies prior to the entry into the program; file a Notice of Intent to Graduate form in the College of Graduate Studies within the first two weeks of the term in which candidate intends to graduate.

Steve Estes, Program Director Steven. The two year program focuses on parks and recreation; recreational, college, and professional sport; event planning; tourism; and resort or hotel administration. The goal of the Master's in Leisure and Sport Management is to prepare individuals to lead leisure and sport organizations, to support the expansion of the leisure and sport industries, and to conduct research that advances the body of knowledge in these disciplines.

Please see undergraduate catalog for information regarding undergraduate programs. Admission Requirements Admission decisions will be made after reviewing all materials and determining the applicant's capacity, suitability, and preparation for graduate study.

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Admission decisions are based upon consideration of a number of criteria which are believed to indicate a high potential in the graduate program. Admission to the Master of Science M.

Applicants must have earned at least 18 semester hours at the bachelor's or master's level in courses related to the selected concentration e. Students lacking an appropriate background may be required to complete prerequisite coursework.

Successful applicants typically have scores on the GRE Verbal and Quantitative measures that exceed and respectively current scale or former scale with a total combined score that exceeds current scale or former scale.

The Analytical Writing Assessment score is also considered; letters from professors who can address one's ability to do graduate-level work: Application Procedures All application materials are to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Late applicants who meet the admission criteria may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must submit application with appropriate application fee online at www.10 University of Kansas, School of Education (Lawrence, Kansas) Tweet this!

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It severed its ties with the University of South Florida in to become the eleventh independent school in the Florida State University System and adopted its current name: New.

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PRINTABLES Here is a pdf packet of all the language arts worksheets used in the online course for LA6. You can also . The broad curriculum program gives students the opportunity to pursue general requirements and elective courses while using London and the .

The Master of Science in Leisure and Sport Management helps prepare individuals to lead leisure and sport organizations, to support the expansion of the leisure and sport industries, and to conduct research that advances . As a courtesy, some of the Catalog sections pertaining to policies are extracted and listed below for easy reference.

The full section is posted in PDF (click on the header below) .

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