Woolworths strategic analysis

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Woolworths strategic analysis

The company also happens to be the largest food and liquor retailer and the largest hotel and gaming poker machine operator in the country. While it has exhibited an impressive performance for the better part of the last three years, its stock price has been plummeting.

This is a red flag because it implies that the company has become less attractive to investors. The main aim of this report is to analyze the financial performance of Woolworth in a bid to formulate recommendations that can be adopted to improve its strategic orientation. To this end, trend analysis and ratio analysis will be leveraged to identify its internal financial strengths and weaknesses.

This growth was retarded by the Second World War, but bythe company had already opened stores. During the same period, Woolworths, which was predominantly a variety chain, begun Woolworths strategic analysis move to the food sector by opening its first Supermarket at Beverly Hills.

By all the variety stores had been closed except one in Rundle Mall.

Strategic Management analysis of Woolworth SupermarketUPD

Woolworths later entered the petrol market inbegun a joint venture with the Commonwealth bank in and has since entered Woolworths strategic analysis several strategic alliances with a myriad of organizations in various sectors.

Inthe company pursued four strategic priorities. To this end, it extended its leadership in the food and liquor division, as evidenced by a general increase in comparable sales, earnings before interest and taxes EBIT and market share.

There was also an average price deflation of 3. Through these initiatives, the company was able to serve an average of Furthermore, the company enhanced its leading liquor offer in Australia with improvements in its leading store formats and online offers. Other than that, damurphy.

Moreover, the company strengthened its petrol offer by refreshing 67 canopies and forecourts to enhance customer access to diesel and premium fuels. Lastly, its improved merchandise offer also showed impressive results. The second priority was to maintain its track Record in building new growth businesses.

Other than that, the company acquired EziBuy in a bid to promote online sales in general merchandise. Furthermore, it focused on promoting Home Improvement from its start-up status to a scalable profit generating division of the group.

Thirdly, the company made deliberate efforts to institute enablers for a new growth era. This was achieved through investment in state of the art technology and logistics, building customer loyalty and strengthening its world class retail team by blending the best local and international talent.

Woolworths strategy analysis

Finally, the company monitored its portfolio closely in order to maximize shareholder value. The nature of the competitive environment in the Australian retail market can be explained using Porters Five Forces Framework.

The framework is particularly used to analyze the threat posed by substitute products and new entrants, the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers and the competitive rivalry among sellers. The threat of substitute products is relatively weak because the major competitors of large-scale retailers are small grocery stores, which charge higher prices for their commodities.

This is because the former enjoy economies of large scale production, which enable them to charge lower prices for their commodities. The threat of new entrants is also weak due to the high barriers of entry occasioned by the aforementioned economies and high capital requirements.

Moreover, key players in this industry are also making deliberate efforts to ensure that new entrants are locked out of the market. Better still, there are very many suppliers in the market, which implies that they have a weak bargaining power. Similarly, buyers have a weak bargaining power because there are very many buyers in the market such that the individual actions of a single buyer have no significant influence on market prices.

Additionally, these buyers purchase goods in very small quantities, which have a negligible impact on market demand. Other than that, most buyers are loyal to specific brands, which makes their price elasticity fairly rigid. Finally, there is a fierce competitive rivalry among the industry titans because they are all striving to gain majority share of the market and enhance their overall profitability.

The common size statements below generally reveal that the company is very profitable owing to the constant increase in both gross and operating profits throughout the period. It is also evident that operating costs have remained fairly constant while the earnings per share have generally been increasing.Nov 23,  · The report aims to identified the Woolworth’s currency strategy and provide actionable suggestions for improving the strategy based on the fundamental objectives.

External environment affects Woolworths’ business will be analyzed to clear out the company’s position in Australian retail industry.

Woolworths strategic analysis

Porter’s five force analyses are . A Strategic Analysis of Woolworths Plc. Strategic Analysis for Coles Supermarket Australia. Woolworths Final. Woolworths. MMM_Groupassignment_ Woolworths. Documents Similar To Woolworths Ltd - A Case Study Report.

Woolworths PAST JOB(1) Uploaded by. Organ Beh. Woolworths Limited. Uploaded by. pnrahman. Woolworths 5/5(31). Woolworths Limited is a retail company made up of a range of businesses that provide customers with quality, range and value.

This report focuses on two parts, Woolworths Ltd Strategic analysis and strategic review in order to provide advise to the Board and Senior Management of Woolworths to obtain.

SWOT Analysis of Woolworths - Australian Assignment Help

The strategic analysis therefore focuses towards evaluating the current business strategy of Woolworths so that further recommendations can be provided with regard to achieving improvement over its current strategy (Carysforth and Neild, ).

Woolworths Strategic Analysis Woolworths Limited is the largest retail company in Australia and New Zealand in terms of sales and market capitalization. The company also happens to be the largest food and liquor retailer and the largest hotel and gaming poker machine operator in the country.

Strategic Alliance The second suggestion is that Woolworths should continue and develop their strategic alliance between the core businesses with different operations.

The strategy has been applied in both Woolworths and their competitor Coles as they have started correlation with companies such as Caltex and Shell, respectively.

Woolworth’s Strategy Analysis | Case Study Template